Welcome to Ido Shirom Website

Welcome to My Site.

Thank you for choosing my internet site! I would welcome any feedback on my CD's music pieces - please send me an email.

I do hope you enjoy the samples of the music pieces on my CD, available here.

It is very easy to buy my CD; just follow this link, fill out the few details, and the distributor (Music House, Jerusalem) would be happy to respond to your email message and would process your order according to your preferences.

Alternatively, if you wish to order directly by mail, please write to:

House of Music, P.O.Box 1367
Jerusalem 91013, Israel

If you wish to order directly by phone, please call:
+(972) 2623 6101 or 2624 1377 or 2624 1378

If you wish to order by fax, please fax to:
+(972) 2625 2313

If you wish to order directly by email, please send a message to:

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